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Last Updated 01 November 2011

A telecom's consultancy company dedicated to giving the highest quality service, in the telecom test and measurement arena.  Specialising in Layer 2-3 and 4-7 testing.

Hi-aXXess Technologies, a specialist Value Added Reseller of Layer 4-7 test equipment for applications such as tripleplay, VoIP, IPTV and  application test, WAN optimisation, and line rate packet capture at up to  10GB/s.

Beerwagon.org.uk - A beerwagon is a device that every self respecting outdoor festival goer would like, not only does it get your beers from the campsite to the festival field without shaking it up too much, it keeps it cold for the whole of the day.





Yourpartyphotos.co.uk - The “normal” wedding or social event photographer will come and do you event, then send you a proof album, and finally delivery you with some in an album and any other requested photos as individuals.  YourPartyPhotos believes in giving you more - a dedicated web page, that is password protected has all of the shots, not just a core set that the photographer has decided should be in the proof album - you can give this URL to all of your friends who can either order hard or soft copies of these photos.

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