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Last Updated 01 November 2011

OK, so we’re now in to “Sad Bastard Alert” mode

You may decide that this is a whole new form of “Anorakism” but I also have a love of misericords - these are wood carvings attached to the underside of choir stalls, and sometimes known as mercy seats.  Choir stalls are the original theatre seats, in as much as the seat fob lifts - this is because medieval monks were supposed to stand up for services which could exceed four hours duration, however, in typical church fashion, these misericords  were designed so that the monks could cheat and perch on them.

Sorry if I put you to sleep, but, I’d suggest you read the next paragraph - it won’t waste much of your time, and if you didn’t have time to waste, you wouldn’t be on ICASA.

The nice thing about misericords, is that the carvers were allowed to do pretty much what they wanted - didn’t matter how profane.  one example is in a series of misericords from the 13th century, Man goes to pub, man gets pissed, man get’s wheeled home by his mates in a barrow, Man’s wife is waiting to beat him over the head with a rolling pin. Has life changed so much over the centuries?  Other examples are fabulous and mythical beasts, caricatures etc.

If I haven’t bored you out of 6 months growth, you might like to look at www.misericords.co.uk  which I’m proud to say is the web’s most comprehensive site, with photos from over 55 locations. Let’s face it, it’s better than work.